Wherever you go


An empty room, we give us a silent look

Still have an hour left

You have to do, but you wouldn`t like to do this job

Way things go here I can`t stop

Later you say: I am against the force

But you`re tied coz of the vow

Just give it up. come back. wouldn`t like to lose you babe

From real danger we must escape

I long for all the time with you

Why can`t we just live in this time?

Why does friendship turn into crime?

When your roots are not the same as mine

What shall we do? Who gives a sign?

Later you say: I am against the force

But you`re tied coz of the vow

Just give it up, come back, wouldn`t like to lose you babe

From real danger we must escape

But never will make it without you

Why can`t we just live…

Wherever you go I am near



Remember where you came from

Could fall into oblivion

And don`t forget the old place

Keep it in memory all the days

We walked into woods to look for the life

Crossed the trails of ants, ran ahead of a hive

Inhaled the air on tops of the trees

Felt that lovely springy breeze

Come on little flower, nice to meet you, beauty

Do not wither

Miracles could be done on shore of the river

That was how it ought to be

We want to get lost on a grey foggy day

Hide and seek is a blind game

No never-ending, you feel it too

Go ahead a way out of the wood, you leave behind me

Why we´re so icy when we were so warm

Should have stayed near by the rivers arm

But maybe at this time it is without a reason or rhyme

Our lines to the flow always would be covered by snow

Come on little flower

Swinging to the sky


Flowering almond, lilac on the grit

Birds chirpin’ over my head

Eating mellow cherries, dropped down on the ground

Wander through the flowering beds

Capture ladybugs, count there dots

Feels like the old days came back

Search for my shadow underneath the trees, pour water on my sunburned feet

Swinging to the sky, tiptoes touch the clouds, make no headway

Present pulls me back, seat is getting close

Clock and time are in a fight, I’m a child just in my mind

Best I would do it again

Tiptoes touch the clouds, swinging to the sky

In our summer house, found some piece of wood, showed it to my grandfather then

Spent the whole day working on the swing, fixed it on the big old tree

Hair whipped in the wind, cold breeze on my cheeks, felt like there is no end

Everything’s the same as it was again, in this garden I was a child

No regrets, unbiased, felt free and safe, disconnected from reality, independent - I’m a child

I try


A year ago, so far away

Those were the days we could

be overjoyed and out of pain

I hardly understood

why you withdrew from happiness

so out of nowhere then

Played me a song you liked the best

I did not know your plan

And then you chose the lowest one

that you have ever chosen

But tunes so sad don`t let you go

and turn into a threat

You think that soon this mood will melt

like ice, and so it goes on

But if the sun`s not shining strong

it always will be frozen

It always will be frozen…

You don`t feel well, mean I`m to blame

You say I let you down

I don`t know what you really want

I only see you`re frown

An empty look, your quiet voice

are like a bad infection

Afraid you could give it to me

without a save protection

Oh why so sad, I get mad with this feeling

Oh start to fight with all might, yes I try, I try

Cat´s Stress 


Our cat walks to the meadow of Grobschinski

Her fur shines in the sun

Her hands brushes the stones so soft

Picks up her ears, sharpens her view

Our cat walks forward to the apple tree

Shortens her claws at the trunk,

Temptation is way too big,

Suddenly she stops, she knows this melody…

Quietly she climbs up

is waiting - just a moment

Easygoing, it has no chance

But this bird is different

Glass cracks as it screams

Cats panic

Gores them like electricity

Hey cry little bird, cry cry cry, little bird cry cry cry, little bird -

Hey cry and save your life! (Hey cry and help the mouse!)

Our cat walks to the stall of Grobschinski

Crawls through the hole in the door

But the farmer makes hay

With the muckrake he blocks her way

Our cat`s annoyed, nevertheless she is patient

The farmer`s away

and the way is clear

Now or never, eyes the prey

But what`s that? She knows this melody

Transfixed to the spot

Only one moment left

Not easygoing, she has no chance…

Our cat creeps to the door of Grobschinski

A postman brings a book

"Vegetarian cuisine - meatless through the day - now for cats"

The farmer`s easygoing, serves a bowl

From now on she only eats groats…

Different world


Winter was the best time, icicles in the roofs

And he didn`t miss the snowball fights with friends

One day family had to move into a distant land

Everything changed

What people talked about

he couldn’t understand

Such a warmth the whole year

was hard for a polar bear

Boring times began

Henceforth he missed his friends from the North

The only one who dropped on

was Pete - he came along

with this powder looked as white as the snow at home

Now hope was back again

Always when the fear is come

And doesn`t want to go away

I flee into a different world where happiness is reign

My baby is euphoria

We`re dancing barefoot in the snow

Seems like being home again

Incredible and nice

Want to stay forever in this paradise

Winter was the best time, icicles in the roofs

And he didn`t miss the snowball fights with friends

Finally one day it`s snowing

in the distant land

Snowflakes are regards

the friends have sent

But the addressee - where is he?

Into his body is moved a different human

A stranger with white hair

In bed he lies with open eyes

And tears run above his smiling face

The stranger is not himself

But in this paradise there is no real snow

Fortunately he realized it - Now he wants to go

But way back is longer than the way there

He hasn`t got much power, a snowstorm gathers, makes the walk more difficult

He can`t see the way sometimes

Calls for help and help comes…

When reaching home the door is open, no one`s there at the day

The sun is shining, he is happy and the stranger is away

Always when the sadness came

And didn`t want to go away

I fled into a different world where happiness is reign

My baby was euphoria

We danced barefoot in the snow

But now I`m back again

Incredible and nice

And now I know only here can be my paradise

Little fairy tale


Once upon a time there were you and me

And a story just began

Our book is our life, writing our dreams

Isn`t always clear to know what it means

Even when we carry on reading at any day

End is still so far away…

Mh my love to you is growing new on every page

And never disappears - Believe me

And after all this time the dusty carpet might start the magic flight

Lost my lump of gold, found my lucky charm in you I do not want to trade

Too precious

There’s no guarantee for endless harmony

But every day we live our little fairy tale…

Once upon a time there were you and me

Our story will go on

Do not need a silver shoe or a voyage to the moon

If I only had the chance to be with you

You are still the one writing the lines with me

Till the final word is end…

But every day we live our little fairy tale, fairy tale, fairy tale

But every day we live our little fairy tale, fairy tale, fairy tale…

Subway to…


Sitting in the subway, same route as every day

Just people do change, stops at Melrose Alley

An old lady gets on, she asks the way

Wants to go home to her children, is happy to see them

I offer my seat, she gives thanks to me

She asks for my age, I’m 28, she smiles (mischievously)

I ask myself: What is she thinking about

She searches for my hand, I give it to her

But I don’t like those creases, her skin is ashen-pale

I want to go, I’m scared of the time

She shows me a picture of her youth

She was pretty, almost beautiful, her voice is fragile

She talks to me:

You can’t know what it means to be old

You’re too young, you are too beautiful

Only a few meters before the last station you can understand life

There’s a flashlight coming out of nowhere and suddenly everything’s blurred

My clock ticks in years as fast as in seconds and I am 50 years apart

Lonely place in the subway, same route as every day

Just people do change, stops at Melrose Alley

An old lady gets on, but she can’t ask the way anymore

Cause I am her, Cause I am her

I want to be with my children, I’m happy to see them

A boy offers his seat, I give thanks to him

78 on his shirt, that’s my age, I smile

Every grey hair is a loss, every crease’s a pain

I gave it all and got back so much

I was pretty, almost beautiful, my voice is fragile

I talk to him:

Now I know what it means to be old, no longer young and beautiful

Only a few meters before the last station you can understand life

There’s a flashlight coming out of nowhere and suddenly everything’s blurred

My clock ticks in years as fast as in seconds and I am 50 years back

The old lady’s away

I can see my platform

I leave the train

I meet you

You brought me flowers and I say: It’s not so bad that they wither

Only a few meters before the last station you can understand life

April doesn`t wanna be over



16th of June

I`m looking through the window

The sun is shining on my face

I want to cool off in the lake

Can endure the heat only at that place

I`m taking my swim suit

I`m in a good mood

I`m going outside

But where is the sunlight?

I only know the one thing - It`s pouring.

And it feels like April

I`m shaking my head, you have no chance

The weather messes up your plans

It drives me mad, you can walk on a lane

And use your parasol like `n umbrella

It`s one and the same

Cause April doesn`t wanna be over

16 degrees

Thermometer`s showing

Meadow`s turning into a lake

Purple coloured clouds

are looking like a threat

There is thunder and lightning without a break

Away is the shelter

You have to take swelter

No long recess

Coz where is the darkness?

I only see the one thing - it`s nice again.

It makes no fun

Sudden changes in weather all the time

It wears me out

I`m going to meet my friends to rehearse

There comes the sun, away is every cloud

We`re playing together

Makes me feel better in our band

A really important thing is -

It sounds so funny to me…

That we met in April

I`m shaking my head, you have no chance

The weather messes up your plans

Our April isn`t bad

Whenever I sing a song

like to remember the last spring time 

Sometimes I long for an April doesn`t wanna be over

Weather doesn`t matter when the music´s playing

Weather doesn`t matter when the music plays

Weather doesn`t matter when the music´s playing



At that time she was just four

and was frighten of the mothers dreadful shout

and she crept in her bed deeply under the cover

and she knew the world breaks in half

Saw her dad dancing on the rope

Robin Hood and she still can hear the cheer

But then only a feather fell quite softly to the earth

Daddy doesn`t come home anymore

The years passed, life went on

and a poster was hung on the fence

Girls’ heart was pounding - a circus came

to the town and she started to dance

There must be my dad! She ran as in dreams

But then she met a clown

Pierrot knew the bad, sad story of dad

Felt that she was down

Mom, come on, let’s go to the circus

Take me by the hand, lead me to the circus tent

The dome above high reaches to the sky

I’m so glad - the world of my dad was here and …

Now I can look through a colored window

Feel so save and so free

Can escape from this grey everyday

And Pierrot is helping me

Many wigs in his caravan

Too big shoes - he walks in them

Plays the fiddle, pulls a face

Makes the girl laugh as best as he can

Oh daddy where are you? Where can I search you?

It’s true without you I’m loosing heart

But shortly before his performance

Pierrot is taking the chance

Pins a feather on his hat

And I can see a feather is flying across the circus ring

Don`t want to lie


You were like me

I discovered myself in you

When I looked into your eyes

They were reflecting my soul

All I was thinking off

You spoke before me

You knew every of my thoughts

And everything was in you

We were in love

But our love was bigger than us

We were drifting along

Endless without aims

What could hold up?

Felt like a child of a star

We can`t make it. Let me go.

You must know I`m feeling low.

We can`t pull our love on shore.

Don`t want to lie to you anymore.

We split up now. It`s our doom.

We wanted to find another room.

But nothing is behind this door.

Don`t want to lie to you anymore (anymore)

We were setting off

We wanted to reach everything

And wanted too much, but acted too fast

We got on, became blind,

but almost were destroyed by this power in ourselves

Carelessly, we didn`t show consideration

Played a game against us, it was dangerous

I felt it breaks, was desperate

I noticed when it was too late



It seems the billion dreams that I`ve ever had

vanish to the air can`t feel them anywhere

Tread the mill for heaps of gold

and even fear to be left out in the cold

Say that I better lower all of my needs

Time is right to make my images to deeds

Hard to lay down disguise, so faded and worn -out

I never felt like this before, never was like this before

New ways I will pursue to be free

I finally dare to be just the person I want to be

Try not to miss the sign, not to fear

the noises that I here, but the time is passing by

Yet I search for my destination time and again

Is it really right to go?

Who assures me I deserve to make it come true

Steady moments full of doubt, shall I ever forget?

Someday I`ll say it was possible to get,

Did the things I won’t regret

Did the things we won`t regret

Feel confident and light, know what I need

Let my heart speak with every beat…

Automatic life


Six o`clock in the morning

It`s screaming out loud

Killing my dreams with pointed hands

A fantastic thing was programmed

Steers the actions of my life

Radios any day

Pulls my cover away

Throws the socks on my head

Have a shower far too cold

Toilet flushes too early

Coffee tastes of tar

Too hard boiled eggs

Heating doesn`t start

My flat`s a fridge

Stop that! Stop! It drives me crazy

This mad alarm clock does ruin me

Likes shining bright and smirks at night

What did I do to deserve this ticking forever?

I miss one single minute`s peace

I`m leading an automatic life

No, it`s not the right dress

Goes well with the summer


High time to go

Front door was closed

I drive my car, 10 kmh

Satnav leads into a jam

I`m too late. My head shouts

My computer overheats, smokes and catches fire

I want to extinguish

Water was cut off

When the sun shines blind falls down

It starts to rain - the windows open

After lunch with Ben

Taxi drives backwards

End up in a store for beds

Does me good to lay on them

Secretary phones, there`s still much work

But we`re under arrest

It was a mix-up

When coming home

all the lights are on

Dog howls - was run into

an electrical mousetrap

I`m tired, want to sleep

Bed does not unfold

I stand up in the corner

I have a doze

Who has misprogrammed the clock?

Wolley Enirambus


Someone`s driving on the way you must get to know

And I wonder what you`ll say when you see this fellow

His body is rectangular, four wheels are moving on

He is not a simple car, in this case you are wrong

When he stops at city center - a megaphone on roof is calling

All the people come together, obvious to hear, unable to help it,

You have to go there, want to have a ticket…

Now we`re driving in the Wolley Enirambus, Wolley Enirambus, Wolley Enirambus

We`re driving in the Wolley Enirambus, Wolley Enirambus through the town

Who is missing in the bus? Somebody who likes bus trips

The doors open for pensioners of a pavement café

Who is missing in the bus? Somebody who makes a noise

The doors open for a playful kindergarten group

Windscreen wipers very big `s not all what he can give

He needs no driver - automatic moving - it`s amazing

A pretty face in front - a head with eyes and mouth and nose

Big ears - don`t want to pull your leg, he is painted with those …

Rainbowcoloured wavy lines, the megaphone on roof is calling…

Who is missing in the bus? Somebody who is sporty

The doors open for a multi-culti-football team

…Somebody who can bake breads

The doors open for Bakers from the bakery

…Somebody who loves nature

The doors open for a group of conservationists

The bus is like a human, he is a magnificence

Special too - Sometimes he can have the sixth sense

When he stops come rain or shine, the megaphone on roof is calling …

Who is missing in the bus? Somebody who can play rolls

The doors open for actors of a drama school

…Somebody who protects us

The doors open for firefighters with a hose

…Somebody who is in love

The doors open for bride and groom with relatives

Listen to the radio, play an evergreen

It`s the song - I`m sure you know -"Yellow Submarine"

The bus, he stops at Abbey road, the megaphone on roof is calling again "Come together!" …

Who`s still missing in the bus? Somebody who makes music

The doors open for Paul and Ringo start to play

Now we`re singing in the Wolley Enirambus Yellow Submarine

Steena Ballerina


She went with mom to a ballet, saw dancers moving in lightness

Was fascinated, said on this day: "I also want t` be princess!"

The mom sent her to a lesson, looked cute in pink pointe shoes

She practiced doll`s fairy or the swan, not simple - she wasn`t confused

Teacher was strict, became better in front of the big mirror

"Your talent", she had to say, "Do not throw it away!"

Steena Ballerina, beautiful girl

She was home on stage even at five

Steena is a queen there and she can whirl fast as the wind

She`s disciplined

Ballet will keep her alive

She bends her back in all directions, tries to ignore muscle ache

She`s bothered by feet infections, doesn`t allow herself a break

Can see her family for only one time in year - deep inside

sometimes she is very lonely for one reducing the stage fright

But she demands no changing, nobody has to feel pity

Never will go without ballet, she lives her dream

port de bras, glissé, en croix, grand plié

grand battement jeté, rond de jambe, retiré

pas de basque, pas de bourreé, pirouette, balancé

pas de chat, temps levé, cabriole, assemblé

silence, reverence, applaudissements

When I saw you


When I saw you

I was ready again to hope

Been paralyzed by a virus for a long time

Trembled like a leaf with fear

Going away was all I wished

Loneliness had an easy job with me

Felt betrayed, there only was a dark light

Excuse my weakness, Thanks for understanding

Let me see in your heart

Shouldn`t be any secrets between us

Pick `n argument with the hate and give our love

Every way we`re going today -

Every way is right

As long as we don`t hide from the world

When I saw you

Curtain opened for a play

Scenery on stage became alive

Not suited to a tragedy

People love each other are the stars

Applause is certain, our passion you can feel

I was cold in summer, How I`ll survive a winter?

Take me back to a better place